Special Offers – CHO® Mini E-Bike – T1201



  • 100% Brand New and High Quality
  • Electric Drive and Environment Friendly Design
  • Convenient and Portable Transportation
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CHO Mini E-Bike T1201


  • Charging Time: 2 ~ 4 Hours
  • Motor Power: 250 W Brushless Gear Motor
  • Tire: 12″ * 1.75″ Ingerated hub
  • Brake Mode: Front and Rear disc-brake
  • Max Speed: 15 MPH
  • Max Load: 265 Lb
  • Max Range: 18 Miles
  • Battery: 36 V 4AH Lithium Battery

Featuring a frame reinforced with durable metal, the CHO T1201 is designed for all type of body, it can hold up to 265Lb. Making this the most portable and optimal bike for the ultimate riders. Enjoy your day to the fullest with T1201, weather is rain or wind this E-Bike will bring you joy wherever you go. The 12” tires combined with 18MPH will provide extraordinarily smooth rides with style.

Cho T1201 is completely zero emission. A 36V Lithium battery provides all the power to conquer the road while saving the environment at the same time. Whether traveling on college campus, live in a high traffic environment like New York or simply a leisure ride around the lake. The T1201 will get you there without the worry of traffic or breaking a sweat! T1201 provides an accurate battery indicator, never let battery hold you back because you are always prepared.

Travel with style like other, ride like a pro!

Robust Frame
Travel with ease with this motor bicycle’s durable metal frame that can accommodate riders up to 264 lbs.

Pedal-Free Riding
Experience the joys of an effortless riding experience by simply rest your body on the E-Bike and steer your way into the future of compact and environmental friendly travel.

Air-Filled Rubber Tires
Smooth ride even on uneven terrain and drift over tough grounds on sturdy, air-filled rubber tires.

Powerful Torque

Tackle speeds up to 18 mph on the E-Bike’s robust zero-emission motor!

Long-Lasting Battery

A powerful 36V lithium battery lets you traverse up to 18 miles of thrilling adventures and new discoveries on every single charge!

Additional information

Weight44 lbs
Dimensions48 × 21 × 42 in

Black, White


240 W Bruthless Gear Motor

Tire Size

12" * 1.75" Interated Hub


1 X E-Bike


264 lbs


36 V 4AH Lithium Battery

Charging Time


Max Speed

15 MPH


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